*NOTICE* Change to Blog

Hello friends! Renewing Serenity is getting a reboot for good purpose.

Simply, (the Word, the Truth) hath removed my family from our past church meeting place due to unrighteous leadership, and this was (guessing) a year ago.

You must understand that God can shine anywhere and use anyone through anything! The Holy Bible still warns us of things like unrighteous leadership. It is a consequential problem for anyone seeking Christ to be under unrighteous leadership (suggestion: start in Isaiah). Thank you God for keeping our family during our involvement with said church establishment, allowing us to grow in some ways but also allowing us to be freed from the bondage of being in the wrong place that was severely tainting our growth. 

The point and how it affects this site:

I am removing all old posts from the site, I am thankful they have been enjoyed. If you want to discuss any old posts, please submit a contact form and I am here for that.

Why delete the old posts!? I was under their authority or aka the aforementioned leadership and there could be some false encouragement or hate or something harmful for anyone in there. I’m too busy to sort through every post (there’s over 100!).  The effects of unrighteous leadership are devastating. This is the REBIRTH of Renewing Serenity!

You now can type renewingserenity.com in the browser bar or any search engine and you will be directed here 🙂

Here’s to another 100+ posts and a healthier future!



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