March 2020 – Communion With God

Hello everyone! It has been nearly 2 months since my last post because I am going through some health issues. The short of it is I have been seeing my doctor for almost a year now getting my health in check. We’ve discovered serious damage from a trauma a couple years back.

The latest? The adrenal glands in my body are “shot”, my liver became seriously damaged, and the toxicity in my body was increasing due to liver health declining. Over the course of 1 month of extreme clean eating, and taking supplements, my liver had not improved. This resulted in me needing an IV therapy in hopes to heal my liver. To be honest, its not the cheapest therapy by any means, but it is helping! There are many other things I am doing or medicines prescribed to help my body recover. I am thankful for the wisdom and a chance at a healthy future, for me and my family! 

There is this shake I have to take to help my body detoxify, which again let me clarify I am very happy to be aware of what I need to do, however I get unexpected jarisch-herxheimer reactions that land me on bed/couch rest. Probably due to my exhausted adrenal glands as well. However in the big picture I can tell we finally figured out why my health had been declining. God answered our prayers! 

Stress from anywhere can wreak havoc on the most beautiful of anything. Relationships can suffer the most. So I implore you to take whatever it is causing stress in your life right now, to the feet of Jesus. Ask him to forgive you for your wrongdoings, and ask for His guidance.

There is nothing too big, messy, complicated, serious, strong, toxic etc, for God!

I miss writing every day and sharing the daily wonders of God in my life. I pray for you when I think about it. I am thankful that you share in a gift God has blessed me with. Although we change, God never does. 

Evil will always try to engulf the good, and yet at times God forbid we may forget, the truth is and always will be that God will prevail every single time. 

His goodness is greater than our sins. His joy is mightier than our sorrows. His peace is free and here for the taking. What are we doing with His gifts?

God willing, Ill post every other month for now. It is my time to rest and enjoy the fruit of our labor. One day I can write more about all the things God has helped us overcome, and how we made it to some simple lands of flowing milk and honey, although the greatest gift is in the end Heaven.

Our moments spent in the presence of God is where we are changed. God’s Holy Spirit is more willing to help us than perhaps we are to ask for help. (paraphrase of Smith Wigglesworth).

I pray for you almost daily. Please keep me in your prayers (and my family) as we walk and endure too.


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