2020: Breeding Joy, Prayer, & Life Changes

Hello to all you lovely readers 🙂 I am hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas, we sure did!

Since its been a while, I’ve been thinking about you and asking God to use me to write. Finally! Explore with me the following thoughts on Joy, Prayer, & Life Changes.

Joy is sometimes the shred of light that we choose to kindle our flame with to make a brighter, more powerful light. Sometimes its a huge flame that’s obvious and its easy to kindle with..but I believe it can count most for those struggling with depression or loss of hope, to catch those little shreds, or fractions of light around us, and kindle them. Snuggle them, embrace them!

I love the illustration of little sparks of Joy floating around us everywhere in abundance. They may seem to be the tiniest of tiny sometimes but when we gather them to foster more larger sparks we can enjoy life ourselves and share Joy with others more easily. If you have never seen how complaining tears down joy, you must know it is an actual spiritual battle and its a fight for life. Picture a tall lovely tower of beautiful blocks (named Joy) each time we are thankful it gets taller and more beautiful…each complaint shakes rattles and starts to crumble that beautiful tower, and eventually blocks start falling off. The Joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10), and I know first hand the struggles of being in situations or circumstances where those shreds of joy or sparks seem to be dissipating. I have allowed shame to come over me thinking “how could I not find Joy in the Lord right now? I have begged God to forgive me for not having Joy in Him”…and again, his response? Gentle guidance, forgiveness, and help. What a wonderful God we serve.

We need to live on the promises of God right? I have been struggling so hard with catching these little sparks, which is something that used to be a hobby of mine. I annoyed someone so much they said to me angrily “you don’t need to say thank you for every little thing!”, oh but I was truly thankful for all those little things and I believe that’s what made me stronger.

I purchased a 2020 planner! Hoping this year I will listen more to God with the plans that He lays out for me. (as I write this I also realize we need to stop being HARD on ourselves its actually an act of selfishness, credit de God’s wisdom you can read more about that on my next post). I’m praying continually for more willing obedience from myself. Amazingly, God’s love is not contingent upon our love for Him, and He hears our prayers.

Candle-lit service at church Christmas Eve is my favorite because, Jesus truly came into the dark of my life as a child, and lit it up beautifully. I cry every year holding that little tiny candle and seeing the candles of others knowing full well to my heart its a symbol of how great our God is and how many people’s lives He has changed for the better. The process didn’t always feel good or was it understandable to my young mind. I am happy to be who I am today, a true Princess of the Lord. Protected, unashamed and loved with flaws and all

The main thing I would like to say about prayer is to do it. I’m sad and happy to say that from experience I have been reminded not to stop praying. The Holy Bible says in 1 Thess. 5:17 to pray without ceasing. Our relationship with God is our life line, and if we compromise that we can bet our life will change. God will never let us go, but he will let us experience life for ourselves. That is painful let me assure you. Thankfully this was experienced on a small scale in my life and  I am happy to let it serve as a reminder. More directly, my relationships with others seemed to struggle the most as I prayed less. I am thankful to God He never lets me walk too far. That He loves me enough to discipline.

Lastly, to speak on life changes I am a beginner. What I can impart on a positive note is that God really does work all things out for good to those who love Him. In the past couple years I have lost so much, and gained much more. I will continue to walk for the Lord, and fight the good fight. Our God is glorious and decided that we are worthy of His love and even more when we don’t feel like we are worthy. So whatever terrible thing you are going through, please do not do it alone. You are saved for a cause. God has great plans for you and I am wishing you a Holy New Year! A year to live even more set apart for God than you did last year. Really let His love soak in. He’s all we need!


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