God > Me

His plans, and way for my life are hidden in his very embrace. Nothing in life is permanent, including some blessings from above. People come and go, and as we grow, this stays true. My hope for us today, is we will follow the call, the leading love, to our tomorrow. God knows our deepest struggles, and he is there to help us through. 

Through being in him, with him, meeting his divine appointments, our lives flourish in the eyes of our friends and enemies alike. There is no truer love or peace out there, that with just one touch, we are healed. Similarly: one prayer, an attentive ear, open heart and mind to God’s wisdom, and our paths are lined straight before our faithful eyes.

About a year ago, I experienced an extended fast for God totaling 20 days. What a jumpstart to faith, and my relationship with Christ! I ultimately followed a Spirit-Led fast. I believe the church is called to fast based on scripture. Matthew 6:16 says “when ye fast”. My hope for you here is that you will embrace fasting for God, and get into the depths of your reality, with Christ, so more deep restoration can come.


Father God,

What an awesome God you are! We are forgiven. We are yours. I am thankful for such a promising future and peace today. Thank you Jesus for peace today! Lord, please guide us through the pain and ashes of yesterday, as you do. Please comfort those who are alone right now in their lives, and especially those alone and seeking you. through the Holy Spirit we pray, in Jesus’ great name! Amen.

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