New Hope Page!

Joyfully launching: (HOPE) is an available option for some who may seek confidentiality in certain prayer requests, a friend of Christ in time of need, help understanding God, someone to listen or find answers with, or help sorting through feelings/emotions or crises, trauma, and/or recovery of addiction, abuse or self-harm.

One hundred and sixteen of you have clicked the follow button because it was in your heart confirmed, the content coming through this site is of some value to the world and yourself. I know it as, I fight my flesh with God, to let God’s word get out there. I know I am redeemed and saved from my past, and my future sins (without license to sin). Been freed from many afflictions that were with me and its for the purpose of helping others come to the light or also be freed. You can share this opportunity for anyone who may be looking for a one on one way to learn more about God. Maybe you want more hands on deck praying for a situation, as someone who has been walking with the Lord even longer than I.

Simply here to love and encourage, or silently pray. There is power in prayer to God!


Due to laws I am obligated to state the following:

I am in no way a licensed professional by the world’s standard. Counseling is a gift from God, and I am currently seeking professional credentials. By contacting me, you are waiving any right to take legal action against me for all and any of our contact. By contacting me you understand this is my oath of confidentiality, and if somehow the internet is hacked or breached of security on your end or mine, you are also contacting me knowing and waiving any right to press any charges against me for such an unfortunate event. 


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