Does it matter?

When I was a teenager there was this video that was circling around about how its the end of the world, in a very cynical mouthy cartoon kind of way. I do believe it is the end, and the ending is my favorite part! According to the Bible its where sin will live no more, and those saved by Christ will live forever in this sinless environment. Imagine, no more tears! No more suffering.

This video was missing so many important truths though, and to watch it as a teenager it shaped how I lived. I didn’t care about anything because I thought “It doesn’t matter anyway its the end of the world!, everything is already messed up! I’m gonna live it up!”. –>Wait, when believing IT didn’t matter, didn’t that automatically mean that I don’t matter, and you don’t matter (hint: we are a part of IT)?

Obviously from how I lived 10 years ago (with the scars and pictures to prove it): when we remove hope, we lose love, care, and value. My life lacked love, care and value before Christ was the center of my life. He gave me hope to live, and to be able to receive life more abundantly through His blessings!

For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it. Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Romans 8:24-26

Times we may feel hopeless, but need it the most:

  • Housing crisis
  • Employment struggles
  • Break ups
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Past dead relationships
  • Comparison to past or others
  • Abandonment
  • Substance dependency
  • Sickness
  • Hardened hearts around you
  • Disobedient children
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Respect issues with self or others
  • Self-hatred (opposite of self-care)
  • Barriers in important relationships
  • Unrighteous leadership in any setting
  • Chaos
  • Turmoil
  • Marital issues
  • Financial crisis
  • Disobedience to Christ

What we face everyday is absolutely no match for Christ. I repeat, NO MATCH FOR CHRIST. He is greater, He is stronger, He is more! Jesus is enough! He loves you and I so much. He has known from the very beginning what would come of your life even as it is today. He is above satan, and all the evil workings of hell. God is above these problems in our lives and we need to trust Him and continually stay in contact through prayer. Seeking wisdom, peace, comfort, and hope. (We can ask for ANYTHING in Jesus’ name and it be done!)

I want to know how God has moved in your life. The list above are all situations I can personally relate to, and God has made way for LOVE, LIFE, PEACE, RESTORATION, all through His mercy and grace.

You are loved. We are cherished. We are the chosen. We are forever, because He is forever and He is in us.

I love you God! Praise the Lord!

May Jesus bless you this Thanksgiving!




God > Me

His plans, and way for my life are hidden in his very embrace. Nothing in life is permanent, including some blessings from above. People come and go, and as we grow, this stays true. My hope for us today, is we will follow the call, the leading love, to our tomorrow. God knows our deepest struggles, and he is there to help us through. 

Through being in him, with him, meeting his divine appointments, our lives flourish in the eyes of our friends and enemies alike. There is no truer love or peace out there, that with just one touch, we are healed. Similarly: one prayer, an attentive ear, open heart and mind to God’s wisdom, and our paths are lined straight before our faithful eyes.

About a year ago, I experienced an extended fast for God totaling 20 days. What a jumpstart to faith, and my relationship with Christ! I ultimately followed a Spirit-Led fast. I believe the church is called to fast based on scripture. Matthew 6:16 says “when ye fast”. My hope for you here is that you will embrace fasting for God, and get into the depths of your reality, with Christ, so more deep restoration can come.


Father God,

What an awesome God you are! We are forgiven. We are yours. I am thankful for such a promising future and peace today. Thank you Jesus for peace today! Lord, please guide us through the pain and ashes of yesterday, as you do. Please comfort those who are alone right now in their lives, and especially those alone and seeking you. through the Holy Spirit we pray, in Jesus’ great name! Amen.

New Hope Page!

Joyfully launching: (HOPE) is an available option for some who may seek confidentiality in certain prayer requests, a friend of Christ in time of need, help understanding God, someone to listen or find answers with, or help sorting through feelings/emotions or crises, trauma, and/or recovery of addiction, abuse or self-harm.

One hundred and sixteen of you have clicked the follow button because it was in your heart confirmed, the content coming through this site is of some value to the world and yourself. I know it as, I fight my flesh with God, to let God’s word get out there. I know I am redeemed and saved from my past, and my future sins (without license to sin). Been freed from many afflictions that were with me and its for the purpose of helping others come to the light or also be freed. You can share this opportunity for anyone who may be looking for a one on one way to learn more about God. Maybe you want more hands on deck praying for a situation, as someone who has been walking with the Lord even longer than I.

Simply here to love and encourage, or silently pray. There is power in prayer to God!


Due to laws I am obligated to state the following:

I am in no way a licensed professional by the world’s standard. Counseling is a gift from God, and I am currently seeking professional credentials. By contacting me, you are waiving any right to take legal action against me for all and any of our contact. By contacting me you understand this is my oath of confidentiality, and if somehow the internet is hacked or breached of security on your end or mine, you are also contacting me knowing and waiving any right to press any charges against me for such an unfortunate event. 


*NOTICE* Change to Blog

Hello friends! Renewing Serenity is getting a reboot for good purpose.

Simply, (the Word, the Truth) hath removed my family from our past church meeting place due to unrighteous leadership, and this was (guessing) a year ago.

You must understand that God can shine anywhere and use anyone through anything! The Holy Bible still warns us of things like unrighteous leadership. It is a consequential problem for anyone seeking Christ to be under unrighteous leadership (suggestion: start in Isaiah). Thank you God for keeping our family during our involvement with said church establishment, allowing us to grow in some ways but also allowing us to be freed from the bondage of being in the wrong place that was severely tainting our growth. 

The point and how it affects this site:

I am removing all old posts from the site, I am thankful they have been enjoyed. If you want to discuss any old posts, please submit a contact form and I am here for that.

Why delete the old posts!? I was under their authority or aka the aforementioned leadership and there could be some false encouragement or hate or something harmful for anyone in there. I’m too busy to sort through every post (there’s over 100!).  The effects of unrighteous leadership are devastating. This is the REBIRTH of Renewing Serenity!

You now can type in the browser bar or any search engine and you will be directed here 🙂

Here’s to another 100+ posts and a healthier future!



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